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Photo By: Peter Vit

Saxophonist | Composer | Improviser

"Jonathan's musical approach  is what the  world needs  to hear to be a better place - Free voice ..."


                                                           Francisco Mela

“Sound flow and a great tone make up the essence of what jonathan’s music is all about..You will love it"

                                                           George Garzone

Option B 

Collaborating closely with pianist Moshe Elmakias and drummers Brian Richburg Jr and Nitzan Birnbaum, Jonathan is releasing his debut album on Habitable Records, “Option B”, dedicated to his grandfather who passed away on the day of the recording session. Throughout the album, the group renders the compositions as a true unit. Weaving in and out of themes with ease, creating dense events full of sound as well as stunning moments of minimal activity. Their deep connection makes this a collection of music that edges deep into the realm of the concept album. “I’m excited to release my first album. The music emerged from our souls. Everyone has put their hearts into this project and that’s what sets us free. Option B reflects tough choices made by people I admire. This album is in memory of my grandfather, Dr. Jacob Baal Schem, who lead meaningful life made of a deep understanding of his roots and a constant search for future innovations." said Reisin.

Moshe Elmakias - Piano

Nitzan Birnbaum - Drums (1,3,6,7)

Brian Richburg Jr - Drums (2,4,5,8)

All Tracks are composed by Jonathan Reisin except "One" and "Juka" (group improvisation)

Recorded at PBS Studios (Westwood, MA)

Record Label: Habitable Records

Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Eivind Opsvik

Graphic Designer: Leonardo Falascone

Album Release: April 29th 2022



Album Cover.jpeg


"Aunque “Option B” es el álbum debut de Reisin, su música sugiere un profundo conocimiento de la profesión y sabe, junto a sus colegas, transmitir emociones con suma facilidad."

José Ramón

"The willingness to let the pieces unfold of their own accord, without having to over-fill the sound with constant activity, is one of the ways in which the maturity of Reisin's approach reveals itself... An assured debut which heralds a promising future, Option B offers a good deal of high-quality music over the course of its forty-minutes, It is an easy album to recommend enthusiastically."

Troy Dostert

"Reisin picks out possible sonorities that, creating intentional ambiguity and surprise, complement each other. Option B, which is dedicated to the saxophonist’s late grandfather, is a most welcome debut."


Filipe Freitas

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DEC 23

DEC 27

DEC 28



MAR 22

APR 19

APR 26

APR 29

MAY 10


Jonathan Reisin 4tet

Aviv Maya 4tet

Noa Fort 4tet

The Lost Time Orchestra

Jonathan Reisin Ft/Anat Fort 

W/Noa Fort & Shinya Lin

W/Yoni Kretzmer BIGGISH

W/Lingyuan Yang & Asher Herzog

W/Ri Tornello & Mark Abramovski

Option B W/Moshe Elmakias & Brian Richburg Jr

Beit Haamudim - Tel Aviv (ISR)

Beit Haamudim - Tel Aviv (ISR)

The Jazz Room - Haifa (ISR)

Levontin 7 - Tel Aviv (ISR)

Shablul Jazz - Tel Aviv (ISR)

Main Drag - Brooklyn (US)

Main Drag - Brooklyn (US)

Main Drag - Brooklyn (US)

L-Private Gallery - NYC (US)

Scholes Street Studio - Brooklyn (US)

Upcoming Shows

Photo By: Ken Yin



Photo By: Amit Selikter

Jonathan Reisin is a saxophonist, composer and improviser born in Israel, dedicated to creating original music that's influenced by Free Jazz and the Avant-Garde. Throughout his career, Jonathan had the opportunity to collaborate with great artists such as: Francisco Mela, Kris Davis, Anat Fort, Val Jeanty, Ronen Shmueli and many more, with appearances at Vermont Jazz Festival, Yearot Menache Festival (ISR) , Gangneung International Art Festival (South Korea) and venues around Boston and Tel Aviv. 


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